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Oxford: 01865 240000
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Travel in safety with our well-maintained fleet

Our rigorous car checks, our thorough driver investigations and our safety systems are all in place to ensure 001 Taxis are the safest taxi company out there. When you book a 001 you can be certain that you could not be in safer hands.

Your safety is paramount to us

Unfortunately, time and time again, we read about unlicensed drivers being charged with crimes against passengers. For this reason it is imperative that taxi users ensure that the vehicle that they are getting into is licensed, checked and is fully insured to be carrying you. One of the best ways to ensure that this happens is to use a reputable taxi company and ALWAYS book your taxi. A qualified private hire taxi driver will NEVER pick a passenger up off the street without a booking.


At 001, our drivers are fully DBH checked, interviewed and have thorough background checks before we will allow them to work with us. We know our drivers very well and are proud to relay that we have never had any criminal convictions against any of our drivers throughout our 30 years of service.


All of our cars are regularly serviced and maintained in accordance with the local authority and exceed all of the requirements set by the National Taxi Association.

Booking Confirmation

All taxi bookings, whether booked by the telephone, website or app will be confirmed via text message and email. As well as this, customers will be informed of the make, model and number plate of the vehicle booked for extra peace of mind. A further text will be sent once your vehicle has arrived and in many cases your driver will also call you to confirm he has arrived or is close by.

Vehicle tracking

All of our 001 cars are fitted with tracking devices so we can see where they are, and more importantly, where you are at all times. No need to worry about travelling alone, we are watching you 100% of the time.

Customer feedback

Our customer service team are always happy to discuss your 001 experience with you. We take your critique seriously. We love your feedback. We welcome any suggestions and will always do everything in our power to improve our service whenever and wherever we can.

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